Introducing the Healthy Home CheckupTM

Most homeowners don’t have the time or the know-how to spot potential residential health and safety hazards until they become major problems. This often results in the need for expensive repairs. Worse, these hazards can cause illnesses or even injuries that could have been prevented in the first place. “Home” should be a place where you find comfort, safety, a welcoming environment, and “peace of mind.” Your house should not sicken or harm you and your family!

The Healthy Home Checkup by Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc.® was created to help millions of Americans to correct significant health and safety risks in their homes. The Checkup relies upon a science-based protocol that utilizes a visual assessment, plus diagnostic testing, to check homes for hazards and deficiencies, and then make repair recommendations. The findings and recommendations are contained in an easy-to-read report, which homeowners can use to make any necessary repairs to assure that their home is healthy and safe.

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What is the Healthy Home Checkup?

The Healthy Home Checkup is a cost-effective way to check for critical health and safety risks that are common in American homes.

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What makes a Healthy Home?

A “healthy home” supports and protects the health and safety of its occupants. According to a recent American Housing Survey, many homes have health and safety defects that should be corrected.

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When do you need the Healthy Home Checkup?

We recommend that homeowners should get a Healthy Home Checkup every three to five years. Additionally, there are specific life cycle events when having a Healthy Home Checkup would provide peace of mind.

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Definitely more valuable than a regular home inspection. The degree of detail in the report and the understanding of the issues was tremendous.

-Claire R.

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Our research shows that homeowners are more concerned than ever about home health and safety, and are willing to pay to have their homes assessed. Become a licensed Healthy Home Checkup assessor today!

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