Consider the Healthy Home Checkup when:

  • Birth of a child or the presence of young children
  • Member of the household treating for an existing health issue or illness (asthma, allergies)
  • Member of the household having physical limitations or a handicap
  • Member of the household having mobility issues or a disabled person moving into the home
  • Elderly resident wishing to age in place or elderly family member coming to live with adult children
  • Following completion of extensive home remodeling and renovation projects
  • Recovery after an event causing major structural damage (fire, flooding, windstorm)
  • Listing a home for sale or rent
  • Purchase or rental of a home
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Definitely more valuable than a regular home inspection. The degree of detail in the report and the understanding of the issues was tremendous.

-Clair R.

“The Checkup helped us make our house safer for our young children and healthier for me with my allergies.”— Laura W.

“It helped me create an environment for my four month old that will keep him safe.”— Kelsey S.

“I would recommend the Checkup to friends and family.”— Angie T.

“Certainly a good value. I would do it every 5 years.”— Greg N.